Less complexity, more flexibility, transparency and efficiency

Competitive advantages through flexible production processes
Today, industrial companies have to exist in a market that places constantly growing and changing requirements both nationally and internationally. Flexibility has therefore become a reality – especially for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. Rapid adaptation to new production processes becomes a decisive competitive advantage. Often, orders from current production have to be adapted to changed circumstances, whether through additional BOM items or further operations.

Transparency for the right decisions

If you want to be successful in the future, you need a fully integrated and flexible overall IT solution with a high level of responsiveness. A solution that guarantees fast access to all important and up-to-date information and operational indicators and management figures. A solution that creates full cost transparency – at any time and in any phase of the production process. A solution that allows different variants of the production process and the resulting profits to be compared with each other as early as the quotation phase.

Fast answers for more efficiency

In a medium-sized manufacturing company, questions arise time and again about capacity, utilization and material availability: Can a product be produced for a customer on the desired date? Are the necessary resources such as material, machine and work capacity available? How long does the worklist last in the company? What work is in arrears or must be done this week? Answers to these and other business-critical questions must be found quickly. This is the only way to ensure efficiency in the company.

PPSOne: The flexible solution that creates transparency and efficiency

PPSOne actively supports you in adapting to new production processes. Suitable tools provide the necessary flexibility. PPSOne also makes important data available for tactical and strategic decisions in the blink of an eye with calculatory evaluations of production orders and projects. In addition, quick answers to further business-critical questions ensure greater efficiency. Would you like some examples? Display of the lead time of a production order Material availability overview of a production order.